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ECD-WIE Office is a great way to connect with PolyU SPEED’s talented graduates and current students. Working with us, employers can:
  • Enhance employers’ company presence to our students through various qualified and professional programmes;
  • Showcase employers’ company’s programmes
  • Advertise employers’ job and internship opportunities to more than 13,000 PolyU SPEED’s graduates and students;
  • Arrange on-site Job Recruitment Day/ Interview day on our campuses – employers’ corporate brand name and logo can be listed as event sponsor in the event publications.
If you are interested to connect with us, please contact us NOW!

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Employers’ Feedback on Our Services:
“Job posting service by ECD-WIE office in PolyU SPEED is really efficient! I can receive CV from candidates already within the same day after posting my job advertisement and had an interview with the candidates on the following working day. We have successfully hired a PolyU SPEED student and it is our privilege to have him on board as he is hardworking and eager to learn.” HR Manager, New Asia Co. (Truck Parts) Ltd.

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