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Vocational Language

Vocational language refers to the language required for effective communication in a vocational context. Our vocational language courses aim to help learners develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for their vocational needs. They cover language skills training useful for various career aspects:

  • In the pre-stage, learners may need help during the job application process, which necessitates a training for CV writing, interview preparation and other related skills.
  • During work, learners may need to use specialised language including technical terms in an industry to handle the work, which can be acquired through our discipline-specific language courses such as English/ Chinese for vocational purposes. Improving workplace communication skills (e.g. speech articulation, negotiation and presentation skills) is also a focus of our courses, which will be imperative to learners' daily business correspondence.

Our comprehensive training will prepare learners to become competent candidates who can join the workforce readily with an adequate command of vocational language.

Upcoming Courses & Workshops
18 /06

18.06.2019 - 19.06.2019

Workplace Practical Email Writing Skill

This workshop introduce effective communication tools, office documents an importance of writing skills to prepare students going into internship / first job with confidence to build a great first impression and career foundation.

1. It enables students to prepare ahead before starting a new job/ internship. Be familiar with office document writing.  
2. Well prepared mentally and have good tools to handle all sorts of office documents.   
3. Also, with practical writing knowledge and skill, students are likely to be more mature and calmer as a beginner to demonstrate the best in themselves.

25 /02

25.02.2019 - 25.02.2019

How to present like Steve Jobs?

Discover the presentation skills Steve Jobs use to attract audiences, its very simple! When you know his secrets, you will be a better sales, better presenter and better entrepreneur than everyone else.

1. Discover how Steve Jobs use story to engage customers 
2. 6 simple ways to construct and tell your story
3. How to become a great presenter

04 /04

04.04.2019 - 11.04.2019

Seek, Hunt, Get: Employment Training

This 6 hour one day workshop seeks to train particpants in effective techniques and skills to: find and analyse job postings, design a tailored and targetted CV and cover letter to win an interview and succcessfully handle the interview process with confidence.

1. Gain skills and insight into how to analyse job postings and sue this analysis to write targeted CVS and Cover letters
2. Gain understanding, useful language and expertise in expressing their soft skills, career objectives, personal qualities and 
3. Understand how job applications are processed and how to structure CVs and cover letters to suit this.

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